Upgrade of experimental infrastructure – WP3

WP3 leader Edgars Smalins

This objective aims at replacement of outdated equipment with the new generation devices, as well as creation of new technical capacities:

  • Upgrading of 7 already existing experimental setups to bring them to an up to date level of technology;
  • Development of 4 unique technologies:
    • laser& white light beam satellite ranging telescope for atmosphere night time remote sensing;
    • femtosecond laser spectroscopy;
    • laser spectroscopy in UV and VUV;
    • Zeniths telescope.
  • Development of new member of FOTONIKA-LV community of labs and departments – Molecular Beam Laboratory at LU ASI;
  • Upgrade of Optics and Mechanics department design resources with professional machinery and optics design programmes;
  • Two upgrades to have technological capacity for innovative findings:
    • Advanced upgrade of electron-beam and resistive evaporation of dielectric, semiconductor and metal multilayer achromatic optical coating installation – VU-2M for interference mirrors and filters etc. (250-1100 nm) – expected significant demand for advancements of photonics related experimental setups for basic and applied research and high-tech oriented SMEs in photonics sectors;
    • Upgrade of quartz and glass blowing and technology workshop& laboratory capacity towards UV and VUV technologies and usage of RF plasma in technology processes.

Upgrade of the laboratory of returning researcher Dr. Ekers with new coherent light sources and optics for accurate atom and molecule laser manipulation experiments, and upgrade of vacuum system for laser cooling of atoms. At the moment the existing laboratory infrastructure of Dr. Ekers is hibernating.

WP3 – Report 2014.

Deliverable 3.7. Interim report on upgrading, development or acquisition of research equipment.

Deliverable 3.8. Final report on upgrading, development or acquisition of research equipment in 10 tasks of WP3.