University of Latvia 72nd Annual Conference, Photonics and Quantum Science Section


72nd annual scientific conference of University of Latvia
The project „FOTONIKA-LV – FP7-REGPOT- CT-2011-285912”
– the second year scientific outcomes


7th of February, 2014

Riga Photonics Center

Skunu str. 4, Riga, Latvia





Registration 8.30-8.50


Opening remarks 8.55-10.00

  8.55-9.20 A. Ubelis Overview of FOTONIKA-LV project
  9.20-9.30 K.Salmins Overview of WP2
  9.30-9.45 D.Berzina Look back at the Biophotonics Riga 2013 conference
  9.45 -10.00 N.Lesina O.Balcers Riga Photonics Centre – Key to awareness of Photonics Balcers_72nd conference
Oral Session 1 – Scientists recruited from abroad by FP7 FOTONIKA-LV project Chair A.Ekers
1. 10.00-10.15 V.Laugalys   Progress in processing the scans of astronomical plates from Schmidt telescope
2. 10.15-10.30 J. del Pino   Upgrade and Defining the Profile of the Riga SLR Station 
3. 10.30-10.45 T.Kirova   Peculiarities of the Formation of Bright and Dark States at Hyperfine 3D3/2 and 3D5/2 Levels of  Sodium 
4. 10.45-11.00 D.Efimov, Bezuglov, Michulis, Ekers N. K. A. Penning Ionization of Two Rydberg Atoms  
5. 11.00-11.15 M.Ābele, J.Vjaters, E.Rutkovska A.Ūbelis   Earth satellites irradiation with white light
      11.15-11.45 Coffee break
Oral Session 2 – Scientists repatriated  from abroad by FP7 FOTONIKA-LV project Chair A. Ūbelis 
6. 11.45-12.00 J.Alnis Precision laser spectroscopy of positronium atoms
7. 12.00-12.15 U.Berzinsh Global Network for Research in Negative Ions – research and project development in 2013 Global Network for Research in Negative Ions- Research
8. 12.15-12.30 V. Beldavs Towards building an effective cluster linking photonics and quantum sciences technologies and production in Latvia on the basis of the FOTONIKA-LV Project Cluster
9. 12.30-12.45 Amara Graps Charged dust odysseys
10. 12.45-13.00 U.Berzinsch, J.Klavins, J.Alnis, H.Helm, M.Eklund “Properties of Atoms in the Negative Ion and Femtosecond Laser Radiation Interaction” the Collaboration between University of Latvia       and    Freiburg    University    financed    via      Baltic-German University Liaison Office  Properties of Atoms in the Negative Ion
11. 13.00– 13.15 J.Blahins Universal vacuum sputtering device to satisfy diversity of sophisticated experimental needs and industrial demands.  


12. 13.15– 13.30 A.Ekers Laser Manipulation of Quantum States

13.30-13.45 Coffee break

  Oral Session 3 – SECONDMENT visits of FP7 FOTONIKA-LV project 13.45-15.30

Chair J.Alnis

13. 13.45-14.00 O.Balcers Crystal Growth Conference in Gdansk
14. 14.00-14.15 S.Smalina Foresight studies for photonics industry in Latvia – project FOTONIKA-LV foresight workshops Foresight_7.febr.presentation
15. 14.15-14.30 I.Eglitis Fundamental parameters of carbon stars from low resolution spectra
16. 14.30-14.45 U. Berzinsh, J. Blahins, A.Apsitis, A. Rieba, J. Klavins, O.Windelius, J.-Å.Wiman D.Hanstorp Gothenburg Riga Ion Beam Apparatus GRIBAM- Status and Perspectives Gothenburg Riga Ion Beam Apparatus GRIBA- Status and
17. 14.45-15.15 M.Stockett Search for experimental evidences of non-statistical fragmentation of large molecules140207_LU_Stockett
18. 15.15-15.30 J.Spigulis A. Lihacovs Overview of scientific benefits to research capacity of the ASI Biophotonics laboratory from secondment visits within the FP7 FOTONIKA-LV project.

Coffee break 15.30-16.00

  POSTER SESSION 16.00-17.00 Chair O.Balcers
1. I.Brice,  I.Ferulova, J.Spigulis, J.Alnis Skin fluorescence diagnostics with a femtosecond optical frequency comb
2. I.Janpaule Improvement of Latvian geoid model LU72Janpaule 
3. J.Spigulis FP7 ERA-NET+ “Biophotonics”: project call and success of the Biophotonics Laboratory
4. E. Stegenburgs, A. Leitis, A. Cinins, M. Bruvelis, D. K. Efimov, N.N. Bezuglov, A. Ekers, T. Kirova Experimental observation of the formation of multiple dressed states in hyperfine level systems of sodium   
5. R.Viter, A.Ubelis The first-year results of the FOTONIKA-LV  project –  ” BIOSENSORSAGRICULT”, FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES-ga. 318520 (01.09.2012-31.08. 2016) 
6. A.Ubelis V.Beldavs   Foresight activities at the FOTONIKA-LV  and support from the  project – “FP7-PEOPLE-IRSES-GA-2011-294959  – International Foresight Academy” (2012-2015) LU72 Foresight
7. A. Ūbelis, M. Abele The first-year results of the FOTONIKA-LV  project –  ” Nocturnal Atmosphere”, FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IRSES, G.a.294949 (01.02.2013-31.01. 2017)    
8. K. A. Gross, A. Ūbelis, D. Ubele The FOTONIKA-LV  project –  An international network on new strategies for processing of calcium phosphates, FP7-PEOPLE-2013IRSES, G.a.612691 (01.012.2013-30.11. 2017)    
9. A.Ubelis, K. Cuhls Cooperation between the FOTONIKA -LV Association and the Frauenhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research  to develop  technology foresight mentality in Latvia and for photonics domain in particular. 
10. A.Ubelis, C.Lee Membership of  the  FOTONIKA-LV  Association in the European Photonics industry Consortium  
11. A.Ubelis, A.Ambainis, A.Ekers Photonics, quantum sciences and technologies regional smart specialization  in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
12. M.Abele, J.Balodis, K.Salminsh, J.Vjaters, A. Ubelis, J.Del Pinno. FOTONIKA-LV  Association in the  Global network of Geosciences and Satellite Ranging Technologies  
13. I.Eglītis,                           V.Lapoška, J.Zdanavičius Digitized Schmidt telescope data on the way to the international Virtual Observatory” 
14. D. Efimov , N. Bezuglov, A. Klyucharev, K. Miculis, A. Ekers Stochastic Ionization Analysis for Hydrogen Atom in External Microwave Electric Field on the Base of Split Operator Technique
15. M.Głódź, K.Mičulis, J.Kļaviņš Self-quenching cross sections and radiative lifetimes for potassium nS and nD states   
16. N. Bezuglov, K. Michulis, M. Bruvelis, A. Ekers, H. Metcalf Study of STIRAP efficiency of helium Rydberg atoms in supersonic beams
 17. W.Hung, P.Huang, M. Bruvelis, H.Xiao, A. Ekers, Ite A. Yu Storage Time Of Cold Rb Atoms In an Optical Dipole Trap Formed By A Multimode Fiber Laser  
18 D.Haritonova, J.Balodis, I.Janpaule, I.Jumare, M.Normand Earth’s surface movements in Latvia  LU 72 Poster_Fotonika_LV_2014                 
19. J. del Pino, K.Salmins, M. Abele Satellite Laser Ranging and Air traffic Interaction Monitoring
20. C.Andreeva Radiofrequency-Induced Förster Resonances in Cold Rb Rydberg Atoms