Conferences & Colloquia

The 2nd FOTONIKA-LV conference: “Achievements and Future Prospects”

Two years after the end of the project:
FP7-REGPOT-2011-1, No. 285912, FOTONIKA-LV
“Unlocking and Boosting Research Potential for Photonics in Latvia –
Towards Effective Integration in the European Research Area”
Riga, 23–25 April, 2017
Dedicated to the 7th Anniversary of the Association FOTONIKA-LV,
50th Anniversary of Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope in Baldone

FOTONIKA-LV 5th Anniversary Conference – 23-24.04.2015

NOCTURNAL Riga 2014, also  Photochemistry of Nocturnal atmosphere, Remote Sensing, Satellite Laser Ranging  and Geodynamics

ICCST 2014


Photonics Technologies – Riga 2012

3rd International Conference on Integrative Approaches towards Sustainability