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The 3rd International FOTONIKA-LV conference “Achievements and Future Prospects” held in Riga (24-25 April 2019) – is a biannual conference summarising following the project: FP7-REGPOT-2011-1, No 285912, FOTONIKA-LV “Unlocking and Boosting Research Potential for Photonics in Latvia – Towards Effective Integration in the European Research Area” (2012–2015). The Association of research institutes FOTONIKA-LV was formed on April 24, 2010. In early spring nine years ago, directors of three institutes signed an agreement unique in the history of Latvian science to create a framework where research communities with differing specialisations joined forces to undertake larger cross-disciplinary research projects under the umbrella of photonics – the driving technology of the 21st Century. FOTONIKA-LV received special notice in the report of international evaluators of Latvian science led by TECHNOPOLIS group 1

1 Latvia. Innovation System Review and Research Assessment Exercise: Final Report, TECHNOPOLIS, April 20, 2014: “In April 2010, three institutions of the University of Latvia (Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, Astronomy and Geodesy and Geoinformatics) established the association FOTONIKA–LV with the aim to take responsibility for sustainable advancement of the sector of photonics in Latvia. The association submitted an ambitious FP7 project of basic and applied research in traditional and innovative fields of photonics: REGPOT–2011-1 which was eventually granted € 3.8 million. Other laboratories should follow this example”. Further, National Science Platform FOTONIKA-LV in quantum sciences, space sciences and related technologies was established by the decree of the University of Latvia No. 1/215 on June 18, 2018.

This book of the 3rd FOTONIKA-LV conference is a collection of abstracts and articles highlighting research accomplishments and plans for future research activities and projects that will serve as a calling card for NSP FOTONIKA-LV at the University of Latvia until the next FOTONIKA-LV conference in 2021.

The laboratories and observatories from the institutes forming NSP FOTONIKA-LV have been contributing to RTD in Latvia since the early 1960s, including:

  • Quantum optics, laser spectroscopy, VUV, UV and visible light spectroscopy;
  • Atomic, molecular and optical physics, molecular beam and ion beam physics; ICP plasma devices;
  • Atmosphere physics and photochemistry; development of atmospheric remote sensing devices;
  • Observational astronomy and astrophysics of galactic carbon stars, research on late evolution stars (MS, S type);
  • Observation, and monitoring of small objects (asteroids) of the Solar System and Near Earth Objects with wide field
  • Terrestrial geodesy and geodynamics measurements with the world class laser telescope LS-105 with which Latvian astronomers have served for decades as a node of the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS code name RIGL-1884, Riga);
  • Optical fibres technologies, in particular UV fibre optics;
  • Vacuum-sputtering, quartz, glass and vacuum technologies.

June 2019

Dr. Arnolds Ūbelis

Scientific Secretary of the University of Latvia National Science Platform FOTONIKA-LV


Conference Scientific Committee

Dr. Arnolds Ūbelis – Chair

Dr. Aigars Atvars

Dr. Ilgmārs Eglītis

Dr. Jānis Alnis

Dr. Vladimirs Gostilo

Dr. Jorge del Pino

Vidvuds Beldavs

Dina Bērziņa – Head of the Conference Secretariat


Dina Bērziņa, Arnolds Ūbelis, Vidvuds Beldavs

The 2nd FOTONIKA-LV conference: “Achievements and Future Prospects”

Two years after the end of the project:
FP7-REGPOT-2011-1, No. 285912, FOTONIKA-LV
“Unlocking and Boosting Research Potential for Photonics in Latvia –
Towards Effective Integration in the European Research Area”
Riga, 23–25 April, 2017
Dedicated to the 7th Anniversary of the Association FOTONIKA-LV,
50th Anniversary of Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope in Baldone

FOTONIKA-LV 5th Anniversary Conference – 23-24.04.2015

NOCTURNAL Riga 2014, also  Photochemistry of Nocturnal atmosphere, Remote Sensing, Satellite Laser Ranging  and Geodynamics

ICCST 2014


Photonics Technologies – Riga 2012

3rd International Conference on Integrative Approaches towards Sustainability