Policy Development, Management and Quality Assessment – WP6

Tasks and description of work

Task 6.1. National and regional scale policy development efforts: The following instruments are planned:

A) 3 strategy planning workshops with technology foresight exercises for national and regional scale developments in photonics fields.

B) Direct contacts with the governmental bodies (Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy, Riga City administration, and decision makers on Municipal and Parlament level) and involvement of their representatives in the strategy development meetings.

C) Outcomes of strategy planning meetings supplied to administration and decision makers at the University, Municipali, and State level.

D) Intensified direct contacts with Technology platform Photonics 21. Actions to achieve support from Government Ministries and stimulation of increase of number of participants from Latvia.

E) Establishment of direct working contacts with the European Space Agency and initiation of research exchanges between ESA and FOTONIKA-LV researcher’s community. Consultations with the Government in order to achieve signing an agreement with ESA about Latvian membership

Task 6.2. Overall project management including virtual efforts in the project portal and monthly quality assurance meetings of the project’s team (support to WP leaders, monitoring of progress, correspondence, preparing of reports, updating of website information, financial actions, etc.)

Task 6.3. Management meetings and reporting scheme. Tasks covers activity necessary to ensure all team coordination, regularly meetings and reporting to assigned institutions:

A) monthly project team meetings to discuss actual issues and progress of activities;

B) Management Board meetings once in 2 months, including progress reports of WP-leaders;

C) Quarterly of the Scientific Steering Committee, including coordinator’s progress reports and scientific/strategic advise by the committee members. To ensure full participation of all Steering Committee members, those meetings will be held partly in virtual space (e.g., via the video conference mode of skype).

Task 6.4. Reporting European commission (once annually)

Task 6.5. Supervision of reporting of outgoing and incoming researchers and recruited staff. Overall task to be implemented in cooperation with WP.1 and WP2

Task 6.6. Internal quality assurance and audit. The aim of task is on to evaluate project performance, achieved results, identify areas for improvement and to present feedback to management; Internal quality assurance and audit will be performed after firs and second project year.

WP6 – report in the 1st period. [pdf]

Deliverable 6.16. Annual summaries of conclusions of Management Board and Scientific Steering Committee.