The Baltic Photonics Cluster (BPC), was founded in April 2011 by 6 Estonian and 2 Lithuanian companies, and the Physics Institute of University of Tartu and and the Department of Materials Science of Tallinn University of Technology.

BPC presently has 26 members from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The combined turnover of all photonics firms in the Baltic States was about 120 million Euro (2012). The current president of BPC is Dr. Janis Spigulis, of the Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy at the University of Latvia.

The objectives of BPC are to facilitate

  • photonics and related quantum science research and technology development particularly as relates to innovative new product development
  • photonics technology transfer and commercialialization
  • development of a vibrant photonics industry in the Baltic states
  • promotion of effective education required to produce photonics specialists and experts for RD&I in research institutions and industry in the Baltic States
  • Promoting interest in photonics on the part of students at all levels as well as the general public including government officials
  • formation and coordination of relationships with European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), European Technology Platforms, European Industrial companies, as well as with local, national, European and international organizations involved with photonics RD&I and economic development, and application of photonics knowledge
  • promoting knowledge of photonics by government officials and the general public

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