Ex-post Evaluation of research potential of FOTONIKA-LV – WP7

WP6 leader Arnolds Ubelis

This objective aims at evaluation of the potential achieved by the association FOTONIKA-LV during the 3 years of the project, including a new SWOT analytics and update of the Association’s strategy and tactics according to the current political and economical situation. In particular, the Ex-post evaluation will consider the following indicators:

  • Success of the overall implementation of workplan of the Project;
  • Level of human potential in photonics compared to pre-project time;
  • Success in upgrading of R&D infrastructure and coherence of these upgrades with other infrastructure investments via EU Structural Fund; the main criterion will be the long-term capacity for state-of-the-art research;
  • Created synergies with other photonics R&D and innovation activities in Europe and achieved level of capacity for international cooperation;
  • Contribution to applied research in photonics domain and developed cooperation with SMEs;
  • Progress of national scale science strategy and policy development, standing in ERA, and long-term sustainability of this project’s investments.