Recruitment of experienced researchers – WP2

WP2 leader Kalvis Salmins

This objective aims’ at strengthening photonics research capacity and promotion of transfer of knowledge via:

  • repatriation of highly qualified Latvian researchers, the key persons for future of FOTONIKA-LV, who used to be associated with the institutes forming the association FOTONIKA-LV and emigrated seeking for better opportunities of research and training in the old EU countries;
  • Recruitment experienced researchers from abroad;
  • repatriation or recruitment of 4 on the basis of open competition for announced positions;

As a lateral benefit, which is not directly a part of a WP related objective, we aim at exploiting the increased intellectual and technical capacity of FOTONIKA-LV for providing substantially improved research and training environment, thus attracting more students at all levels, especially young researchers who are winners of grants provided by the European structure funds.

The following recruited and repatriated scientists were employed in 2014:

 1. Dr. Nikolai Bezuglov, theoretician in atomic and molecular physics, RUSSIA, [SCOPUS 2015: 71 documents, Hirsch index – 11], Presentations: 1, 2, 3.

 2. Dr. Teodora Vecheva Kirova, theoretician in atomic and molecular physics, BULGARIA,[SCOPUS 2015: 11 documents, Hirsch index – 6]

 3. Dr. Asparuh Georgiev Markovski, researcher in mathematical modelling and programming, BULGARIA,

 4. Dr. Christina Andreeva Markovska, researcher in atomic and molecular physics, BULGARIA, [SCOPUS 2015: 31 documents, Hirsch index – 7]

 5. Dr. Jorge Roberto del Pino Boytel, researcher in satellite laser ranging, CUBA

 6. Dr. Roman Viter, researcher on biosensors, UKRAINE, [SCOPUS 2015: 22 documents, Hirsch index – 5]

 7. Dr. Amara Graps, researcher in astronomy and space science, USA, [SCOPUS 2015: 27 documents, Hirsch index – 11]

 8. Dr. Janis Alnis, the leader of the laboratory of quantum optics, GERMANY, [SCOPUS 2015: 53 documents, Hirsch index – 15]

 9. Dr. Ilja Fescenko, researcher in a laboratory of quantum optics, SWITZERLAND, [SCOPUS 2015: 4 documents, Hirsch index – 2]

 10. PhD candidate Janis Blahins, technician and researcher in atomic and molecular physics, ISRAEL,

 11. Dr. Aigars Ekers, the leader of the molecular beam laboratory, BELGIUM, [SCOPUS 2015: 35 documents, Hirsch index – 9]

12. Dr. Arvind Saxena, researcher in atomic and molecular clusters, INDIA.

Presentations by Researchers were given at FOTONIKA-LV conferences in 2013, 2014, 2015.

Various presentations of recruited researchers can be seen on Youtube channel of FOTONIKA-LV: HERE.

WP2 – Report 2014.

Deliverable 2.5. Iterim collection of reports on repatriation and recruitment.

Deliverable 2.6. Final collection of reports on repatriation and recruitment.